Columbia Zalando BBB Activation

Columbia has a strong reputation in outdoor performance wear and is very credible in this market. For the Zalando BBB, the brand expanded its reach to the world of lifestyle as well, which brought exposure to a new audience.

The Zalando BBB was a great platform to reach a lifestyle savvy audience in Europe. With the recent resurgence of sportswear and outdoor in the fashion world, it allowed for a natural bridge to tell the rich stories and innovation of Columbia, but with a fresh modern twist.


We were briefed to come up with a brand activation that could create PR buzz for Columbia in this event. The idea had to be smart, create impact and spread-ability for a relatively humble budget. From past experiences, we knew that most brands had bigger investments with larger stands and spectacular digital experiences. So we were looking to do the opposite.

When everyone in the fair went digital, we chose to go analogue. We felt that there was something irresistible about creating a stand that people could have a hands-on experience. Like going to a fun fair, no one could resist a paintball shooting range! Inspired by that idea, we created and carefully engineered a fully functional catapult system that allowed participants to customise t-shirts through shooting paint.

During the fair, sure enough, it attracted a lot of attention and people started queuing up to join. Equipped with multiple GoPros attached in the shooting cage, we were able to share the experience through various social channels.