Garcia Brand Identity

A fashion brand made better together

We were commissioned by Garcia; a well loved family fashion brand to refresh their brand identity and retail communications. Garcia was born in 1972 in The Valley of Jeans in Urbania, Italy. Later on a collaboration with a Dutch entrepreneur turned into the partnership which formed the brand as we know it today. Nowadays, Garcia operates in more than 650 stores in various countries throughout Europe.


It was a nice challenge to reinvent this Italian / Dutch retailer into a contemporary fashion brand. We started with branding workshops with key stakeholders within the organisation to distill a brand positioning. Then working closely with the CEO and Marketing Director, we crafted a brand book which also led to various brand identity guidelines. This set the framework for all design and communication expressions for the brand.


Inspired by the blend of Italian roots meets Dutch sensibility, we developed a fresh new brand identity that marries the best of both. From the logo optimisation, typography combinations, colour schemes, all the way to design layouts and templates. We also enjoyed extending the identity to the retail stores in communications and fashion collection brochures.