Frame The Game

Craftsman on and off the pitch

We were commissioned to create the launch campaign for FrameTheGame featuring Luka Modric- Ballon d’Or winner and captain of the Croatian FA. It was an opportunity to promote the auction platform and the bespoke custom framing service for the signed shirts.
Our concept was to feature Modric in an unexpected role as the craftsman that framed his own signed shirt.


The global campaign launch was led by a 30 second commercial; featuring Luka Modric (ballon d’Or winner) crafting, signing and finally framing his own Croatian FA shirt. Set in an atelier studio and filmed in a teaser atmospheric way; we slowly follow the journey of a craftsman creating a masterpiece. With the pace of the classical music, we reveal the twist at the end that Modric was the craftsman.

The content launched on their website and YouTube channel, then moved to social. Our challenge was to create a suspenseful and luxurious film in a shoot window of 30 minutes. To launch the shirt framing brand via a true craftsman on and off the pitch.